The Stunning Truth About Workout Apparel

We have received many questions lately, about the performances of the workout apparel you should choose in order to obtain the best possible experience while being active.

No matter which kind of exercise you prefer, you probably wondered at least once if you really need all those sports clothes and accessories or it’s just the way retailers earn some extra money on you?

Well, the truth is somewhere in the middle. The main aim of this post is to clarify which fabric properties you should pay attention to when buying your new workout clothing.

 Money is a limited resource so it’s always good idea to think twice before you invest it somewhere. That’s right: buying clothing for a gym or other kind of physical activity is an investment in your health and well-being, and therefore it should be done wisely.  No matter whether it is running, hitting the gym, riding a bicycle or even hiking, wearing specialized clothes during the active period should make you feel comfortable, safe and healthy, as well as it should be long-lasting to prevent you from having additional expenses.

Which workout tops, bottoms and accessories performances should we choose?


Light &  Breathable

During the physically active period your pulse is ticking faster, your body temperature is getting higher and you sweat – you sweat a lot. The last thing you need is the extra burden which won’t let your skin breathe freely. The skin is our largest organ and it needs appropriate treatment, especially during the work out time, when the toxic elements from our body are being disposed off through the pores.


Moisture-Wicking &  Quick Dry

These performances are deeply connected with the previous two, yet different and consequently need to be emphasized. You’ll realize very soon how uncomfortable sweat drops can be, but apart from the distraction and unpleasantness, sweat can be health treat once it gets cold. That’s why you need moisture-wicking & quick dry apparel. To avoid pneumonia and other diseases make sure that your clothing will work for you. 


Elastic  & Stretchy

The whole point of being active is to put targeted parts of your body in the shape. Becoming fit requires performing full range of movements actively. Freedom of motion is a must and the elastic & stretchy workout tops and bottoms too. You don’t need a limiting factor while trying to do that split.

Soft & Comfortable

The fabrics your clothing is made of ought to be soft; otherwise it could cause skin irritation. Intensive and durable motion leads, to a friction which may harm you.


The best option for your exercise is to select items made of /polyester/spandex/ Lycra mixed with cotton.

Although breathable and soft, cotton alone shouldn’t be your first choice.
 Recent studies have concluded that, traditional cotton clothing takes too much time to dry, while materials such as polyester, polypropylene and spandex are more breathable and wick away sweat at a much higher rate, hence eliminating potential health threats. Aside from fabric type, dedicated sport apparel is all about make and style.

To conclude, it’s not always necessary to throw away huge amounts of money, but it’s always a good idea to have special clothes whether you’re active indoors or outdoors, particularly for tough workouts. The most expensive item or the most prominent brand won’t necessarily guarantee you the best quality, therefore we recommend you to follow our guidelines and do your own research, before you squeeze all your money out of pocket.